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Little Big Yellow Planet 我的世界

This blog is based on everything that i was,is and will interested.
I like draw, play videogames, read manga, watch anime and drama (mostly c-drama) and listen to music.
If you don't like anything I post, just leave or deal with it. lol
My english is not the best I know.
Ago 23 '13


NEW Tangren Ent. Projects for 2013-2014

  1. The Legend of Qin/Qin’s Moon - Jiang Jin Fu is rumored to be lead. Based off a Chinese cartoon series
  2. Chinese Paladin 5 - Jiang Jin Fu is rumored to be lead (heck he’s probably gonna be the lead, since they used his picture in the promo…). Based off a PC game by 大宇资讯 (I have no idea if this show is based off the actual Chinese Paladin 5 or the prequel…)
  3. 三生三世,十里桃花 (no official translation yet, direct to English translation is “Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" - Rumored to be a film starring Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge. Based off a novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi.
  4. I can’t really discern what’s the 4th picture….anyone that knows anything please message me
  5. 柜中美人 (Beauty in the closet?????? IDKKKK lame translation I know) - I THINK it is based off a novel from, the official novel is released under the name of 胭脂醉. 
  6. 梦回大清 - Based off a novel by 金子.

Oh and Tangren has an official website now

everyone go crash dat website and tell Tangren that the CG and special effects for Chinese paladin 5 better be good. goddamn it don’t they dare ruin another game

Also, yes this is REAL!! These promo posters were displayed at the Tangren Expo a couple of days ago

Oh my goooooddddd three lives three worlds!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My gold Qin’s moonnnnnn!

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Lug 31 '13

The trailer of the second part of the movie is OUT YEAHHHH!

So much darker than the first one. If you like drama this is for you yeah…

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Giu 10 '13


I’m currently watching “Female Prime Minister” and the story is okay, but the chief producer is Yu Zhen (who also was the producer behind BBJX - Bu Bu Jing Xin) so I would really recommend it for BBJX fans (but not those who like historical dramas)! 

The actors are great, pretty, elegant, beautiful; you name it. I’m sitting here fangirling over the main actors, the dresses, the make-up and everything I did not know about the Northern Qi dynasty (women had so much power and could be ministers!)

The guy below is Chen Xiao, whenever he smiles, my heart melts. 

Excuse me Yu Zheng is NOT the producer behind Bu Bu Jing Xin…maybe you mean Gong aka the Palace but not Bu Bu Jing Xin, the company behind that is Tangren Shanghai entertaiment, a company far better than Yu Zheng’s. Just my opinion.

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Giu 7 '13


zitao being unamused by kris’ attempt at aegyo.

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Giu 6 '13

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Maggio 28 '13

SM finally did something new and took a group out of their weird lit rooms and let them have a taste of the outside world




yeah and all the fandom notice is “Kai kisses a girl”… lol

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